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Monday, November 17, 2008

The Expanding Sidebar

Is it wrong to like Monday mornings? Perhaps "like" is the wrong word, but normally all it takes is a read through of the results of the NFL's late games to make the walk to work (and what follows) tolerable. Tuesday is okay too, since there's the box score from Monday Night Football to read (and the mental arithmetic to see if I've won my fantasy football matchups), but after that, the week seems to drag.

This particular Monday morning was even more tolerable as I received emails from Blackmail Press and Turbine informing me I'd had poems accepted for publication.

[This will be the third consecutive year I've appeared in Turbine; each time for a different form of writing: novel excerpt, short fiction and poetry. Not that I'm claiming to be any sort of triple threat. Actually, I had non-fiction included in Turbine 06 as well, so if anything, I'm a quadruple threat! *cough* ]

The difficulty is that now I have to write two bio notes without sounding like a plonker. I guess I could send the same note to both... but I kind of enjoy writing them. It sure beats receiving a rejection email and deciding whether to resend, rewrite, or abandon a piece of writing.

In an unrelated note: Blog Visitors...

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