While living and working in Edinburgh in 2008 I set out to write one million words in 366 days... but only managed 800,737.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Status Report: Weeks Forty-Five and Forty-Six

Weeks Forty-Five and Forty-Six – The Stats

Fortnightly Wordcount: 19,286 words (compared to 19,214 words in week forty-four)
Average: 1,378 words per day (compared to target of 3,001 words/day)
Most productive day: Sunday 16 November, 4,641 words
Least productive day: 8-13 November October, 100 words each day (see November experiment)
Year-to-date: 712,106 words (164,943 words behind target)

If you took out the seven days travelling, you be left with a decent week’s wordcount. But, if it weren’t for the seven days travelling, I wouldn’t have anything to write about on my travel blog and no concerts to review here and I still wouldn’t have had a feijoa since 2006…

I promise I won’t mention Dave Wyndorf or Monster Magnet again this year. However, after posting yesterday’s review I have been thinking a lot about how my tastes have changed since the Y2K bug failed to bite. So tomorrow there’ll be a sort of review of Chuck Palahniuk’s Snuff which is really just another veiled navel gaze.

Oh goody.

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