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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Festival Kicks Off

You may have gathered from my last post that festival time has arrived in Edinburgh. I hope to review as many of the things I see as possible -- as a record of my experience and a way of rewarding good shows with positive vibes.

Money and time situations being what they are, I’ll be going to quite a few free shows and readings… They could probably do with more positive vibes than the folks getting paid to perform, but everyone deserves an honest review, eh?

And perhaps another disclaimer is called for: I didn’t choose all the shows I’ll be seeing (heck, I don’t know what half of them are about), so they might not all be up my (or your) alley.


Today was the Edinburgh Festivals’ Cavalcade, which was basically a good old Kiwi Christmas parade, just without Santa and eight times more pipe bands. Most of the paraders/floats were tied to a festival act in some way, so there were a lot of flyers being handed out. The only decision it helped me make was that don’t want to see anything relating to the American High School Theatre Festival (a festival I didn’t knew existed until today). Even the name makes me cringe. Imagine: High School Musical performed by the kids who lap that shit up - - the one’s who were socially awkward till discovering drama/dance/whatever and suddenly ‘blossom’ into miasmas of bad taste and misplaced confidence. And the sooner kids stop wearing belt-sized fluro tutus and long white socks, the sooner I’ll reconsider my prejudices against teenage theatre.


Last night we went out for dinner (Café Marlayne – highly recommended) and happened to walk along the Royal Mile when people were queueing for the second show of the Military Tattoo. That was a lot of people.

And around the university, the place has been transformed. Think a music festival, except for comedy.

There’s still a few pockets of festival activity I haven’t checked out. But hey, it’s only the first weekend.

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