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Monday, August 18, 2008

Fringe 2008: Craig Hill

Craig Hill Makes Your Whole Week!
Sunday 18 August 2008

We walked to the Underbelly/Gilded Balloon/Pleasance Dome triumvirate last night keen to see a show, but with no idea what. We ended up seeing Craig Hill, who you might be forgiven for thinking is just a less spectacular version of Craig Cliff… sorry, I had to get that one in… But no, Mr Craig Hill is a very gay, very Scottish comedian (all summed up nicely by the fact he wears a leather kilt).

I’d say 75% percent of the show was based on audience interaction, with moments from uncomfortable (confusing a woman’s son for her husband), the hilarious (this same woman, who was from Dorset, admitting she couldn’t understand what Craig was asking), to the downright surreal (when asked what he did for a job, a man on the mezzanine replied pimp, and with further questioning it became clear he was genuine, only to then reveal he used to be a police officer!).

The prepared material was slotted into the set pretty seamlessly, though some of the jokes were a bit stale, like some of his supposedly offhand remarks with the audience. But all in all, there were plenty of laughs and it felt good to support something Scottish comedy for once (You’ve got to love his Glasgow Face, don’t know what I mean? See his show).

And a nice touch that I noticed today, Craig blogs about most of his performances here. Though as I write this, no word about last night.


Anonymous said...

A really thoughtful review of HARRY! Thanks!

Darren said...

I went to uni with a guy named Craig Hill. a very good known photographer now. i thought when i read the title he had contacted you for some reason. anyways it was still good to read about the Scottish Craig Hill