While living and working in Edinburgh in 2008 I set out to write one million words in 366 days... but only managed 800,737.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Status Report: Week Two

Well, what a difference a week makes. After a rough start on new years day, week one was typified by 3000+ word days. In week two I only cracked 3000 twice. There were several factors, not the least being the fact I flew to Madrid on Friday and returned this evening (Sunday) and wasn’t stupid or masochistic enough to write in Spain. As a result, Saturday 12 Jan became the first goose egg of 2008.

On the plus side, Madrid’s given me something else to write about. Week two really was a struggle, an ebb week on the shores of creation (partly caused by self-loathing when I read over terrible metaphors like this).

48 hours away from this computer and this room were just what the doctor ordered, methinks. Bring on week 3.

Week Two – The Stats

Wordcount: 15,435 words

Average: 2,205 words per day (compared to 3,345 last week)**

Most productive day: Thursday 10 Jan, 3,590 words

Least productive day (excluding Saturday’s zero): Wednesday 9 Jan, 1,484 words (mostly revision)

Year-to-date: 35,506 words (just, just behind target of 35,519)

** I think there was a glitch in my spreadsheet and a small degree of double counting occurred. This has been ironed out and reflected in this week’s graphs.

I’m still oscillating between including and excluding personal emails. As of today I think that emails are like letters, and writers have their letters collected and made into books all the time (well, sometimes, and once their dead), so why shouldn’t a classic piece of Craig Cliff be included in my quest for a million just because it’s targeted at one lucky recipient?? As the Split Enz song goes:

I will always be a man who’s open to


SwissToni said...

I've a proposition for you: would a guest post somewhere else count (if you double-posted it here?). I have a slot called "Earworms of the Week" every Friday, where someone (sometimes me, sometimes someone else) gets a showcase to list and talk about the songs or tunes or jingles or whatver that have been buzzing about their heads. That's the thing though: it has to be a list of songs you haven't been able to shake, not just a list of songs you like. Sometimes it's the Kia Ora advert, and sometimes it's just phillipo berrio.

Do you fancy a go sometime?


Helen said...

I sometimes write emails to my friends and think they are the best thing I've written for ages, so I'm for including yours here, if they are witty and interesting.

For some reason I can be funny in emails, but lapse into cringe-worthy earnestness in my fiction. Why? Why? *she sobbed, wringing her hands*